How To Write Your Book in Thirty Hours or Less;
Get Your Brilliance Out Of Your Head And Into Your Prospects' Hands

Discover the easy four step process that will allow you to stop thinking about writing a book and actually get it done to start transforming people’s lives.

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The brilliant shortcut to creating an entire business book that takes less time than most authors take to write one chapter.
 “The Merlin Method” that will save you from spending years staring at a blank page and working through multiple book drafts.

How to get going on your book because your audience is waiting to read your brilliance.

How to transform lives while giving clarity to your ideal prospects about how you can help them.
Why there is no correlation between the time spent on your book and the quality of it. I’ll share the one key element that makes all the difference.
The amazing secret to creating a book that will transform lives without you having to do any writing whatsoever (and no, it does not involve a ghost writer). 
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Hi! I'm Tom Matzen...

Founder and Chief Movement Maker of Embark, where our mission is to empower 10,000 Authority Entrepreneurs to build global movements and seven & eight figure businesses by December 2024.

Creator of the Million Dollar Book Launch Program and the High Ticket Program Roadmap Call.

This simple four step process for creating and launching a book in 30 hours or less has been used by me, my Clients and thousands of other successful entrepreneurs around the world to get their brilliance out of their heads and into their prospects' hands. 

It has allowed me to become an international bestseller with three books and 168,000 copies sold.

Without it, you’ll continue to suffer from regret and disappointment knowing you can impact so many more people than you are today if only more people knew about your wisdom and how it can serve them.

With it, you’ll finally get that book done that has been stuck in your head for so many years. You’ll have a strategic asset that will attract new Clients to your business like bees to honey. Use and enjoy!

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